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From Routine To Remarkable


Marathons are renowned for their challenging nature, requiring endurance, mental fortitude, and physical preparation. Luxeathon™ is our dining-themed marathon geared towards igniting campus communities to pursue their optimal life. Together, we'll empower the lives of our guests through a rich tapestry of resources, community engagement, and life skills.

Luxeathon™ emphasizes three pillars of success:

Nurturing the mind

Strengthening the body​

Fostering a supportive community

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2024 - 2025

Daily Details, Luxe Results.


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Welcome to a New Academic Year with Campus Dining by Thompson Hospitality

As we step into a new academic year, Campus Dining by Thompson Hospitality is elated to serve your campus community as your dedicated dining provider. Our team has been hard at work, enhancing our services to ensure we not only meet but exceed your expectations as partners in advancing each institution's strategic plan and vision.
At Campus Dining by Thompson Hospitality, we envision a comprehensive partnership with your campus community. Our focus is on institutional advancement, student success, food activism, and community service. We firmly believe that a thriving campus dining program can positively impact student life, academic achievement, and community development.

This year, we are committed to:

Enhancing our processes to continually increase guest satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency


Pushing the boundaries to elevate the standard of excellence in campus dining.

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Striving for results, innovation, determination, and excellence daily.



Getting to the


Welcome to a New Academic Year with Campus Dining by Thompson Hospitality

Getting to the finish line in college takes bold, confident action. Campus Dining by Thompson Hospitality has crafted a year filled with experiences to nourish your zest for the LUXELIFE™. From establishing your personal dietary preferences and committing to sustainability to learning how to cook and experimenting with healthy food choices, Luxeathon™ will help our guests create a life they value and enjoy.

Join the Luxe Life, choose to become a Luxeathoner today!


Prepare for success by meticulously preparing your mind and body for the journey ahead.


Forge ahead through life's trials; perseverance ensures victory when the going gets tough.


As you cross the finish line, let the momentum launch you into the exhilarating new chapter awaiting in your journey.


Embark on a transformative journey with Luxeathon™, where every month is a step closer to achieving your LUXELIFE™. Our program is structured around monthly Mile Markers that guide you through your journey, framing our Campus Dining activities with purposeful themes. Each Mile Marker represents a milestone in your path to excellence, infusing your dining experiences with meaningful connections and valuable insights.

To ensure our Luxeathoners™ are well-prepared, each month includes a Wellness Momentum focusing on overall well-being with tips for mental and physical health, Endurance Eats highlighting nutritional foods to enhance performance, and Sprint Print offering practical skills for reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainability, all contributing to a balanced, health-focused, and eco-friendly Luxeathon™ experience.






Mile Markers


Fuel Up: Getting Ready For Greatness

This month, we're all about diving into the goodness of wholesome eats, staying hydrated, and finding those energizing activities.


Wellness and Balance: Finding Your Stride

Throughout September, our focus is on helping everyone maintain this momentum by prioritizing wellness and balance. This theme shines a light on the significance of nurturing not just our physical health, but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Embrace Diversity: Making Space on the Path of Life

This month, we're all about fostering an inclusive environment on campus where every person feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. Embracing diversity means not just tolerating, but celebrating the differences that make each of us unique, while also recognizing the common humanity that binds us together.


Strength in Community: Your Tribe Makes All The Difference

This month, we're putting the spotlight on the power of community—a key ingredient in the marathon of life. Community provides the support and encouragement we need, recognizing that while our paths may differ, there's strength in our unity and mutual support.


Embracing Change: The Power To Adapt & Overcome

This month, our focus is on imparting invaluable life lessons in perseverance and adaptability that extend far beyond the racecourse. With many of our participants gearing up for life after college, it's all about staying on the fast track to success.


Illuminate Your Path: Clear Vision, Focused Action

Hey there, Luxeathoners! As we head towards miles 13-15, our theme is all about finding clarity and focus in life's adventure.


Running with Passion: Igniting the Fire Within

Running with passion isn't just about pounding the pavement – it's about unleashing that fiery determination that keeps us moving forward, both on and off the track. This month is about tapping into that deep well of enthusiasm that gives each step meaning and energy.


Springing Forward: Renew and Transform

Feeling like you're running on autopilot? Break free from the mundane routine and SPRING into action! This month's theme, "Springing Forward," marks a season of growth, renewal, and transformation as we approach miles 19-21.


Eyes On The Prize: Going for Gold

This month, it's all about celebrating those of us who are still in the race, who haven't given up. So, let's rally together, keep pushing forward, and go for our own gold. We've got this!


Welcome to the Winners' Circle: Crossing The Finish Line With Joy

Welcome to the winner's circle, Luxeathoners! As you reach your final miles 24-26, this month is all about embracing the power of taking a moment to revel in your accomplishments. It's your time to shine and celebrate running towards your best life, your LUXELIFE™!


Look Back At It: Reflect & Refine Your Luxe Life

This month, let's maximize your winning season by embracing teachable moments and celebrating victories, big and small. Take time to reflect on your Luxeathon™ experience, refine your approach, and prepare for the next phase of life.


Restore and Renew: Life Beyond The Luxeathon

This month, we're transitioning from the exhilarating journey of the Luxeathon™ to the rewarding phase of living beyond the race. It's a time for reflection, renewal, and embracing the essence of an elevated luxe life. Just as post-marathon activities restore and renew a runner, we're focusing on nurturing ourselves and honoring personal goals and milestones.

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